Monday, June 16, 2008

56 Skeins and 8 Swoopies!

4 more swoopies to go!!!

And then of course, two corners, the side, and the back of the neck, but it will FEEL like it's done after the mind-numbing-bottomless-pit charmingly consistent edging on the bottom of the lovely shawl. (soothing herbal teas are doing so much for my outlook....)

The true love of my life lately is Sitcom Chic
This lovely work of art is knit on size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn that comes in skeins of a delightful 82 yards. I have now used up my third skein and will be joining the fourth after some, er, " quality time" with the Fluff Monster--formerly known as the Lady's Circular Cape.