Monday, February 21, 2011

Prepare To NOT Be "Wowed"

I have been working and working and working to get Andy's robe done today so it would only be a week late, but
I am still firmly lodged in hand-stitching hell.  The hem is all hand-stitched (which, to be fair, doesn't show up at all on this fabric and does look very nice), the cuff facings were hand-stitched, and the facing that goes all the way around the front is hand-stitched down on the inside.  That's where I'm stuck now.  I now understand why people had about 2 sets of clothing when it all had to be hand sewn.  If I had to hand-stitch all of our clothes, we'd be naked. 

I did start the Lotus Blossom tank with my oldest stash:
but set it aside in favor of this:
because I thought I might try finishing a project before getting side-tracked by a new one.  Hey, it could happen. 

Theo found a new love this weekend:
A sweater dryer!  I haven't ever used them since we've had him, and he was so excited by the new kitty hammock that he didn't mind an extended snooze on a wet sweater.  Andy minded, since it was his sweater, but we can't have everything.....