Friday, November 19, 2010

We're Down To Single Digits

Bob:  This just in:  with 42 days left in the year, Ms. Sutton has finished project 91
 and has made astounding progress on the next 6 cornucopias.  

All 6 are ready for the hand-stitching to close the opening and add the decorative cord.

Ron:  That's  quite a bit more progress than we've seen from Ms. Sutton lately.  What prompted the recent burst of productivity?

Bob:  Obviously realizing that Ms. Sutton was slacking off a bit, her newly self-appointed coach
woke her up at 4:30 this morning to get cracking on Finishing Friday.

Ron:  Theo's hard work has certainly had the desired effect.  Can we expect the same tenacity tomorrow morning.

Bob:  Hard to say, Ron.  Rather than expressing gratitude for his help, Ms. Sutton has threatened to lock Theo in the garage for the night tonight.  Coaching certainly is a thankless job.

Ron:  How right you are, Bob.  Poor Theo had to nap all day to recover from his early morning exertions. 

Bob:  Such dedication!  Let's hope he can push Ms. Sutton through these final 9 projects.  Keep it tuned here for the 2010 100-Project Challenge.