Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ways To Celebrate April Fool's Day in the Knitting World - Part VI

*  Publish a free pattern on Ravelry, and the next time someone asks you for a chart, make one using Roman numerals.....

*  Walk into your local knit night and announce that with Global Warming, soon no one will need knitwear at all.

*  Take a small ball of yarn with you when you go out for sushi, and start knitting with your chopsticks while waiting

*  This:
* or this:
* Call your local police station to report a tip on a local yarn uni-bomber, but specify that he does occasionally dabble with acrylic 4-ply

*   Confront the local quilter's guild for encroaching on your craft-store turf--if possible, with a catchy background score by Bernstein.

*  Take your knitting out in public, and the next time someone says, "I would never have the patience for that," tell them the doctor says it will keep you off the medications and maybe the shock treatments....