Thursday, October 1, 2015

Not Going To Panic Just Yet

Yes, the wedding for which the scarf is intended is indeed this month, but I'm trying not to stress today.  Tuesday I went to the gym, THEN made and canned 20 pints of chicken soup--plus freezing some--so yesterday I really needed to rest, which involved a mind-numbing amount of knitting.  Or maybe that was the pain medication.  At any rate, I'm almost done with the 4th 24-row pattern repeat (out of 5).  Of course, I still need to fix the first scarf as well, but I am trying to talk myself down from the ceiling here.  After all, one has a year AFTER the wedding to still get a wedding gift to someone without being a complete twit.  Emily Post said so, though maybe not the "twit" part.

So this morning,
Theo and I are having coffee in the sewing room while I finish the first batch of top-stitching on the new jacket. 
This isn't a very accurate picture of the color, so let me just say that I'm really pleased how the pink thread is looking against the purple.

I was hoping to finish another project or two before September ended, because I am now officially 8 projects behind, but it didn't happen.  With any luck, the garden--and all associated bugs and vermin--is about to die or hibernate, and we can ignore each other's existence for a few lovely months.  I don't know which I mind more--that I am completely blood-thirsty when it comes to those nasty little voles and the big brown slugs, or that I am totally and utterly losing the battle with them.