Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I Wonder About....

* Why can I cheerfully give away a lace shawl that has taken me months to knit, while I am completely unwilling to give away even a single skein of the yarn in my stash?

* Why does buying yarn make me feel like I'm knitting faster?

* If I know I don't like the results from knitting with variegated lace yarn, why do I have so much of it?

* Why is knitting a gauge swatch such a big thing that I will knowingly risk having to rip out several inches of knitting rather than knitting the darn swatch?

* How much fuzz torture will it take before I finally learn not to knit with chenille?

* If everyone is knitting lace shawls, why don't I ever see anyone else wearing them?

* How long until my husband figures out that I keep the house cold not to save money, but to make sweaters more useful?

* Why was it a relief to figure out that I probably have a 6-year supply of yarn in my stash?

* Why do men prefer cabled sweater pattern in dark blue, dark brown, or black? Do they find squinting sexy?

* Why is a ball winder so much fun to use?

* Why is alpaca so much warmer than wool? Is there some sort of nuclear fusion going on?

* Why did knitting suddenly become popular with the rise in "novelty" yarns? If furry is really that darn attractive, why do I have to keep shaving my legs?

* Was knitting fun when it was the only way to get socks or a sweater?

* Why does Lopi exist? Are there knitters who prefer scratchy yarns?

* Why do we consider cotton a "light, summery" yarn when sweaters made from the darn stuff weight twice as much as wool sweaters?

* Was the idea of keeping knitting blogs the brainchild of knitters wanting to share, or their spouses who were sick of having to hear about the merits of wool over alpaca?