Sunday, December 16, 2012


We have a finished scarf!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not blocked, but it's done and I now need only 640 yards in the next 15 days!  Thank heavens for this:
The second Magic Stripe sock is past the heel and I'm working the gusset.  I'll still need another 300 yards when I finish the socks, but I'll be closer!!!!  And then when THOSE 300 yards are done.........I can obsess about something else!

Like maybe......
I have NO idea what the ornaments are going to look like, but I had so much fun with the thread/stippling adventure that I had to try it again today.  This time I used more blue hues:
which I thought turned out well--or was at least fun.  So much fun, in fact, that:
I had to do another.  This is my favorite version so far.  I can't wait until I'm totally off the pain pills so I can clarify whether or not this really looks good or if there are more side effects than I thought.  Maybe it's just distracting right now because I'm really close to 20,000 yards and that means my inner child is on the lookout for ANYTHING so long as it isn't knitting.  640 yards to go, and I am starting to weaken.  I even tidied the sewing room yesterday!  Not that it looks like it, but before the thread projects there was a brief period of time when one could see part of the sewing room table.  Not now, of course, but it was a great 5 minutes.  That might explain why, instead of helping, Theo opted to start the vigil for Santa today:
which is way cuter than the sewing table anyway.............