Monday, October 31, 2011

I Have Found The Camera!

Have you ever noticed that technology gets all sorts of features that you don't need, but never the one that you do need?  I can change the sound effects my camera makes when I turn it on, take a picture, turn it off, and probably all sorts of other things, but what it doesn't do and the one sound option that I would frankly care about is if it had a little "find me" feature like cordless phones, so when I set the stupid thing down somewhere I would have some help finding it later.  Really, wouldn't that be a helpful feature?

At any rate, since I have the camera, the new finished BSJ:

and lest there be any interruptions in the projects-in-progress-but-not-finished status here, immediately cast on a new scarf:
and even some progress on the new socks for me:
So the recuperation is at least sort of productive, even if I am getting a bit stir crazy.   The hip is improving, but I keep tensing up and aggravating my back, which makes me tense up even MORE, so I still can't sit, but I was getting pretty impatient yesterday, so I decided to try a craft I could STAND while doing.  In a book from the library, they had wonderful pictures of ornaments created by gluing fabric onto Styrofoam balls, then adding trim by using a glue gun.  This seamed like a great idea to me, and one hour and a general coating of Styrofoam flakes and glue later:
I hate it.  "Smooth the edges down" it said.  "Create big stupid puckers everywhere" is what I actually did.  The trim neither covers up all the puckers NOR the big glue spots I created with the glue gun.  I haven't decided if I'm going to finish it or just rip it apart and start over, but I did decide that the next one could be sewn together, 
which involved sitting, which I forgot I was trying not to do, so this is as far as it got.  Still, even deflated I think it's quite an improvement over the first one.  I got a few more shapes cut out,
and I think they will be pretty cute.  And far easier than the ball-from-hell, even if I do have to wait until I can sew them.........or figure out where to put the sewing machine so I can stand while doing it.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hadn't Thought Of THAT

So, when faced with an overwhelming amount of canning to be done, one option open to an intrepid knitter is to do something so spectacularly stupid that she ends up with a massively bruised hip and strained back, so she has no CHOICE but to rest for a few days--mostly in a completely flat position.  As it turns out, this works pretty well, and the BSJ is now finished and sewn together, and the second Christmas stocking is now at the trees.  And when I figure out where I put my camera, there will be proof of all of this.........except the bruising.  This isn't that sort of blog.........

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There Has Been No Knitting....

......but the garden was finally killed off by frost last night, so while there is a crazy amount of canning happening NOW, the end is finally in sight.  Whew!  Though one good thing about our new weather pattern is that I'm canning much, much later in the year now than even 3 years ago, and it's a lot cooler.  Today it was probably as pleasant as standing over a hot stove could ever be as the rest of the house was rather chilly much of the day.  Not that I'm crazy enough to keep this up all winter......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just A Warning.......

If you do not see me on this blog for the next weeks, you can be certain that the green tomatoes got me.

Frost comes on Tuesday night........finally!

Friday, October 21, 2011


 One down, one to go!  My sidekick has agreed to hang out while I knit,
but judging from the muffled growling and twitching, it seems to be giving him nightmares.  Guess I'm not the one who hates colorwork most in the house after all...............

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Have Heels And We're On To The Foot!

Right now I'm decreasing the foot every-other row, and you are to remind me of this when I am freaking out on the matching stocking because my notes--which you can sort of see--are so pathetic.  Technically, they're better than the notes I made on this stocking
and I was eventually able to make a matching stocking for Andy, but they might be more like cousins than twins if one looked too closely.  Maybe if I just knit them both really quickly any details I've forgotten to write down will be lodged in my short-term memory.  (Says the woman who managed to hide Andy's pajama bottoms from herself for a year and a half..........)