Saturday, January 7, 2017

Craftless Saturday

Theoretically, this
would make for a great sewing day.  However, our county is now in a state of emergency, so we had a few things to do.  We received another 3-5 inches of snow this afternoon, but this particular storm system is projected to bring more snow, freezing rain, and rain this weekend, leaving us at risk for downed trees and power lines, flooding, and power outages with temperatures below freezing.  So we have spent the day shoveling snow, shoveling snow for neighbors, prepping for potential power outages, filling water containers, Andy did a grocery run, and I baked bread--more because I wanted bread than as a survival technique, but it is sourdough-oatmeal.  It's a bit unnerving as I have never seen a winter like this in Boise, but the good news is, I am wearing hand-knitted wool socks every day, and everything I've made for us out of fleece is FABULOUS.  If it stays like this, I am making fleece underwear.