Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8 Days, 440 Yards

Last night I finished the brioche scarf,
which I didn't think I would get a chance to do, but Andy and I got sucked into a movie and ended up staying up MUCH later than we intended.  Having the television on helps me fall asleep because it interrupts my thought patterns and helps me disengage, which reading doesn't do--not even the most boring books.  Movies usually work (unless they involve screaming, explosions, or music, which are luckily never combined in a single movie), but I'd borrowed "The Reader" from the library, and for the first 30 minutes or so, I thought it was perfect as it seemed to be a retelling of Lolita which I wasn't finding riveting, but then we got sucked in, and I even had time to cast on a sleeve for the next baby sweater
before the movie ended.  I decided to start with the sleeves so I could knit the body in one piece and join it all together for the yoke--and because I didn't think 11:00PM was a great time for me to be trying to make pattern edits in my head.  Needless to say,
we're all a bit tired this morning.  Though not too tired to get out the swift and ball winder,
for another brioche scarf........

True, it isn't a sweater, but right now when I can only do little bits of knitting here and there and need to concentrate on other things, I'll knit what I can and work out the details later.  As soon as I get the rest of my knitting books unpacked, I've got yarn set aside for Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten jacket, which looks like a lot of mindless knitting and will make a nice addition to the gift bin....or be a great Christmas gift if I don't get the baby aran done in time......