Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There Will Be No Theo Picture Today

My little sidekick is upset with me and is even refusing to sew. After all the drugs I've given this cat and all the trips to the vet, I have finally made his bad side.

I have put him on a diet.

We went for a check-up yesterday, and he's gained 3 pounds this year--about 20% of his normal body weight. Admittedly, Theo has had a tough year, and between recovering from his injury & then his determination to watch over me while I recovered from surgery, he hasn't gotten back to his normal active self just yet. The vet gave me some glucosamine to maybe help his leg feel better as he continues to regain strength, and I'm trying to find a new game to interest him as he seems to have lost interest in the tape measure finally, and we're doing a gradual diet, but he's still pretty sulky.

I guess we should have included the cats in the "no processed foods" plan.....

See, There Has Been Some Progress

I would really, really, REALLY have sworn I had knit more than that, but apparently it just feels like it.