Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sewing Tuesday

Between looking for a job and trying to get the house ready for to sell, my stress level is just a wee bit high right now, as I think most people would guess.  I say "most" because there are always those family members who never think you're doing enough for them no matter what is happening in your own life, but everyone has at least one of those relatives, right?  Anyway, the hobby party turned out to be both a nice break AND a really fun event. We had a "display" table of things that people had made for us that weren't going to be eligible for any voting, but were still fun.  I have a pair of pillowcases my favorite grandmother made me,
tin can furniture from my other grandmother,
both of which were made from old Band-Aid boxes, a doily one of my volunteers gave me, a ceramic owl Andy's cousin made, a ceramic Santa a friend painted, 
a quilt from Andy's great-aunt and one from my grandmother, 
and a rock table made by my great-grandmother.  My entry was the yellow shawl, which I still haven't worn,
and this diorama  won the prize for most unusual hobby.  People really brought very cool things to share, and we'll definitely be doing this party again.

Today I'm taking a break from both job hunting and moving as I'm a bit worn out,
and after digging out the sewing room, I have even had a chance to work on the new jacket.  The fabric has a little stretch which makes a few steps difficult, but it's coming along.  I had two pieces that stretched out so badly that they're in the wash right now to get their shape back, so I was going to cut out another project, but it turns out that I had never washed the fabric, so right now all my crafting is in the wash.

Yesterday I had another interview, so I didn't do Me Made Monday, but on Sunday I wore my butterfly jacket

because I can't get food ready for a party without getting it on myself.  I made this apron while still living at my own house, so maybe 2003, and there are SO many errors on it because it was so far over my head at the time, but it's awfully cute.  Unfortunately, cotton aprons have to ironed, which is really unfortunate, but once in a while I can convince myself to do it.  Then when I do wear this, I love it so much that I get excited about making more seasonal aprons.  Not that I've MADE them or anything, but I get excited about it.  This probably helps explain my stash issues.........