Friday, February 8, 2019

A Travel Sweater

The pink socks are finished, but besides the fun of dpns impaling everything and sliding out of the knitting, I might need to concede that stoplight knitting that's a bit easier to see might be helpful, or I could just pretend I'm doing this to hit my 6-sweater goal for the year and age has got nothing to do with it.....  At any rate,
there's a new sweater using worsted-weight yarn keeping me company these days.  It's a free pattern from Drops Design, and since it's an easy pattern, it's easy to stop and start, though hopefully more "start" than "stop" as there is that finished sweater goal.  It's a cotton sweater, so if I can convince myself to finish it in some pretense of project monogamy, I could actually wear it during whatever bizarre pattern of weather will pass for spring this year.  Now if I can just not be seduced by more sock yarn............