Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wedding Gift For June

Andy has a cousin getting married in June, and I would like to make them a gift. She made us the most marvelous ceramic owl candle-holder & is quite the artist in general, so she would appreciate handmade gifts, and she & the husband are just really nice people in general, so I want to make them something. I used to knit Christmas stockings--
usually in red & green with candles or wreaths on the leg--but then I got tired of that design & modified the pattern to make thiswhich I really like. The problem is, there are also 2 children so we're talking about 4 stockings by June (or later--let's be honest, not a lot of my handmade gifts are delivered on time....) not to mention all the other knitting projects going on right now.....

I could sew Christmas stockings, or maybe finish one of the Christmas quilts since they might already have Christmas stockings....What would be a good wedding gift?