Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

Bob:  The torch has been lit, and the 2010 Ravelympics have officially begun!

Ron: Right you are, Bob!  We're joining the action at the end of the first full day of competition.  Now Ms. Sutton got a delayed start--do you have more on that Bob?
Bob: Informed sources tell us that Ms. Sutton spent much of last night at a pre-Valentine's Day dinner party with friends, and her cast-on was delayed almost 12 hours.  It's too early to tell how much of an impact those lost hours will make, but it was a gutsy--if not actually a smart--move on Ms. Sutton's part.
Ron:  I see Ms. Sutton has chosen the cable cast on, rather than the more traditional long-tail method.  A good strategic move, do you think?

Bob:   I do, Ron.  Ms. Sutton has often struggled with running short of yarn on the long-tail cast on, and after a 12-hour delayed start, she can't afford many more delays. 

Ron:  I see Ms. Sutton is altering the pattern during cast on--to knit the front pieces and back piece as one.  Obviously she's hoping to gain some time, but after being out so late last night, is this really a good strategic move on her part?
Bob:  Well, there's no denying that she's pretty slow with sewing seams, so strategically it's a good move, but after a late night...she is taking a huge risk.

Ron:  Wait--I see a flag on the field--it looks like there might be a problem......
Bob:  Ms. Sutton's sweater is being air-lifted to the medical tent!!!!!  It's hard to see from here....Wait!  It looks like she reversed the layout of one of the front side pieces!  Looks like her lack of sleep the night before casting on has certainly cost her!

Ron:   It's early stages, and only 2.5 inches knit.  Her options are to frog and restart--causing a 24 hour delay--or attempt to do a ladder fix with a crochet hook.  Tough call!

Bob:  It's sad to see such a glaring problem so early in the competition.  At this point she can, as you said, frog and restart, or she can even do a last minute event-change.  Ms. Sutton has long been a favorite for WIPS Dancing, so it's possible she might switch events.  She's conferring with her trainer now, so we'll hope for word on her new strategy shortly.  Keep it here, folks, for continued live coverage of the 2010 Winter Ravelympics!