Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Past 80!!!!!!!!!

Don't get excited--I haven't finished 80 projects yet (nor is the icky bug invasion completely contained.which has nothing to do with 80 at all, but would make me super freakin' happy all the same, so I thought it worth mentioning)  However, as of tonight I have used up 81.6 yards of fabric for the year which is a new personal best.  AND I even like what I made AND I had planned to being showing it to you right now, but Google informs me I've used up all my free blogger photo space and must now purchase some storage....but it won't be available to me for about a day.

So.............I'm off to work things out with Google, battle bugs, and do some frantic crafting so that when I can finally show you some pictures they will be of finished projects!