Friday, January 2, 2009

Project of the Month

So, yesterday I went to my "Project of the Month" pile
and pulled outKnitpick's Alpaca Cloud and beads for Ice Queen. I know the pattern calls for mohair, but I think this will be fine. So...I cast on with my waste yarn and have done 3 rows. The idea, of course, is to finish it during January. The problem isThis is a blanket I started for a niece's birthday in March. The first part of March. So, I have 8 weeks to finish it, and February 1 will mean Project of the Month #2. Have you ever wondered just how important sleep is to the human body?

Rather than finding a substitute for the out-of-stock Licorice yarn, I have decided to wait until it is available and order it then. Of course, that is all I can order as yesterday was my "window." I would feel a bit odd about setting such strict rules about buying yarn if I hadn't tallied my yarn up on Ravelry and found that I could knit from my stash for 10 years. Yikes!

But, if global warming does by some remote chance cause all the sheep in the world to spontaneously shed their fleece, I will be ready. Doesn't that count for something???

Theo finds my grasping at straws a little embarassing...and is focussed on Tuesday when he gets his cast off. Finally!!!!!