Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Last week we took a quick trip to Portland to celebrate my birthday.  We've traveled a lot for Andy's birthdays but never mine, so it made for a nice change.  Work has been busy for both of us so it had to be only a few days, but even that made a nice change.

As a crafter, you know you've picked the right city when you find this in the airport:
It's made from rolls and folds of felt.  There were several, but this was my favorite.  Not only do I find it lovely and clever, I admire anyone who can handle a glue gun without permanently removing his fingerprints.  The artist's name is Xander Griffith.  Clever, isn't it?

Knowing we were going to Portland, a good friend sent me a gift card for a Portland yarn shop, so after a 3-year streak,
 I have new yarn.  I'm showing great restraint though and working on
my existing second sock to finish it before casting on. There's also this now,
which was my travel knitting project.  I'm going to count it as my "Love at First Sight."  Technically, almost all my yarn could be considered "impulse buys," but I think lace yarns should get special credit as they are my weakness.  I'm actually proud that I bought yarn for a sweater rather than lace or sock yarn--those would have been tempting as "souvenir yarn," but I already have SOOOOOOO much. 

Must knit faster......................