Monday, October 28, 2013

Closing in on 298!

Jeeves is busy making icicle ornaments while I'm writing this,

so I'm hoping to be at 298 ornaments any moment now and at 300 by the time I head downstairs to tackle the last of the tomato harvest.

And not to get ahead of ourselves, meet ornaments 296 and 297,
 which I just love.  The one on the right has a little too much stuffing so he's got a bit less neck than he should, but maybe he's a football-playing kitty ornament.  One of the "immediate need" things in those Joanns' boxes is some black embroidery floss, so on Friday they'll get hangers.  And sometime during that week, they'll probably get a few friends as I just love these little guys.

I thought I would have another ornament done this weekend,
 but I decided this still needs a little something in the center of that white--perhaps more stitching?  Right after getting this far, I discovered another item for the "never, ever do this again" list: sitting in a chair with my legs up on the edge of the table.  That seems to strain the small of one's back and pelvis, and landed me in bed for 24 hours, missing the Seafood Boil party.  I do wish there were easier ways to find these things out, but at least it hurt enough that there is no way I'll ever forget and do it again.  That, at least, is something to be thankful for.  That, and perhaps that I didn't decide to make this goal to make 365 ornaments every year...........