Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fanfare! Fanfare!!!!!

OK, that would have been much more effective if I knew how to add sounds to a blog--and didn't find them annoying.

I have used over 100 balls of yarn this year!!!!!

101 to be precise, since I'm knitting the two sleeves simultaneously.
They'll be shaped for a raglan-style sleeve, and why the designer didn't attach them at that point and finish as one piece is anyone's guess. I started this sweater--formerly known as the Glitterspun Sweater as I couldn't find the pattern & the actual name--long enough ago that I wouldn't necessarily have questioned the designer's directions. I know--it's hard to believe I ever had THAT problem. Oh well. I'm sure that somehow sewing seams is character building.

I tried to convince Calisto that she should be the new knitting side-kick,
but she's pretty shy about public appearances.

Theo, like many celebrities who let fame go to their heads, may have developed a drug problem--
there was a little too much catnip this morning, and he has spent most of the day comatose on the couch. If he doesn't snap out of it by then, this weekend I'll try laying out fabric to cut out a pattern. That ALWAYS gets his attention.

16,085 yards so far!!!!!