Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There Has Been Knitting!

Not that the cherry situation is completely under control, but after 3 batches yesterday--and helping a friend's granddaughter with a new sewing machine, it was time first time for a little quality quadruped time. A little sunbathing with Calisto:who never has to worry about skin cancer, and a little email with Theo,
who is quite enamored of the new laptop--maybe it's the color? Then on to the knitting!

The newest shawl--just a border & stitch pattern-is finally past the bottom border and into the stitch pattern.Since the yarn is dark green, I wanted a stitch pattern that was about the pattern of the holes, not the stitches. Then on to the socks,
which are ready for the heel. If they're giving me nightmares, it's time to finish the things. I think I only have two batches of jam to go (I already did one today, so two more ought to finish them up), so there could be some serious knitting tomorrow! Right after I clean the jam off the counters...and the stove....and the lights.....and my cell phone....