Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cold Sheeping - How Many More Years?

This is my fourth year of Cold Sheeping (knitting only from stash and buying NO yarn at all, except to finish a project or on one of my year-end reward purchases when I allow them), and I have been making a lot of progress on The Stash, but there is still a crazy amount of yarn left. 

So, it looks like I will be continuing to Cold Sheep for a few more years, but the idea of doing it indefinitely was getting to me, so I have decided that I will continue until my "All used up" tab in Ravelry shows 150 entries.  As it now has 33 entries, and most of my entries are not single skeins of yarn, this is going to be a long endeavor.  Years.  The other thing I have decided, in order to keep my sanity during this stash marathon, is that I will get to spend $100 on yarn each year.  That way I won't feel too deprived, and I've set a high enough number so that if a few purchases are things like sock yarn that will take up lots of entries in my stash, I'll still end up with a significantly tamed stash by the end of the project.  And there is just the slightest chance that by the end of this project, I might have finally learned moderation.............

Or not.