Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And Back To Reality We Go.....

There's a garden with a very long to-do list waiting for me after my 4-day vacation from it, but before I get to that, it's time for "What I Did With My Crafting Vacation:"

As you might remember, I'm planning to do a music-themed Christmas this year, so I played around with an idea I had been toying with as a decoration:
which aside from the slight puckering where I slip-stitched it shut turned out pretty well for a first attempt.

I also got back to my mitten project, and am counting these five as a finished project:
They're a bit addictive, really.

Speaking of addictive,
I am obsessed with these mittens!  Usually variegated yarns never end up looking as good on a project as I always hope they will, but this might finally be the answer.  I love how it looks with the cream stripe in-between.  Good thing I've already finished a lot of Christmas gifts for this year.  Otherwise I'd be embarking on a mad mitten-making rampage.  Of course, I might anyway......

 For my littlest nephew's birthday this month, I decided to go with another puppet kit:
I'll add some googly eyes and hair options so he can make them up himself, but the actual puppets are done.

There was quite a bit more crafting happening as well, but it's another secret project, so the best I can show you is this:
My stash-dash basket is finally looking less anemic!  Of course, most of the things in the basket won't actually be there by the time the challenge ends, but at least I feel a bit better now.

And, not to admit moderation of any sort, I cast on yet another project:
 which is looking a bit Flight of the Valkyries now but which will ultimately be another Baby Surprise Sweater.  I needed a bit of simple knitting to work on while reading, as my new book club book is a long book that I couldn't borrow as an audio book.  Sit still while reading....what?