Sunday, November 13, 2016


 It's a pretty tense time in America right now, in case anyone just woke up from a coma or something.  Yesterday I spent some time with a very old friend, which was wonderful, and last week I started doing some VERY part-time/temporary work with one of my oldest friends, which has been great.  There are people who bring pain to your life and people who bring joy.  I hope I am always the latter in the lives I touch, and I am really thankful I have so many of you in mine. 

It was time for a little beauty today.  Jeeves is working beautifully,
which is really fun.  With nothing positive happening on the job front, it's nice to not have to even think about replacing him just yet.  The other machine I took down--Emma--worked okay for a while, then flipped out again, but behaved beautifully today.  Larry, of course, warranties his work, so I've emailed him to let him know there's still a problem and he's already ordered the replacement part.  I have run out of places to leave them positive reviews, but if I ever find a new one, 5 stars! 

The brown table runner has been on hold because I couldn't decide how to finish it, but it just needed some sort of edging, so I picked a decorative stitch in gold thread,
using embroidery thread rather than metallic as it shreds and I just didn't need that today.  Especially because the sewing gods had this lined up for me:
It's really hard to see, but I was literally and inch and a quarter short of having enough binding with just two strips.  I had a little partial strip available, but I hate to have two joins so close together.  Still,
I adore the finished runner.  In fact, I love it so much that we're keeping it.  Not that I have a surface right now without a fall table runner, but I could turn it into a hanging--or we could always get more furniture, right?