Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There Has Been Knitting!

 There have also been some pain pills. Last Wednesday while pulling weeds in a flower bed, I managed to throw my back out.  Obviously, my body has taken the turning-40-means-old thing rather seriously. Some days have been better than others--meaning I didn't hurt much but couldn't sit, so I made a lot of progress on the socks
and am just about to turn the heel, which I thought should be left for a day without pain pills, so there has been some chemo cap knitting
and the new baby sweater is all knit up and being sewn together (number 35 in the "all used up" tab)
Theo, of course, has been thrilled with my lifestyle this week:
 Normally, I don't sleep on my back much, but lately that's almost all I've been doing, which means Theo can stretch out on top of me for a cuddle & to suck his toe (or back of his paw, actually).  He's not a lap cat--possibly because neither of us have laps big enough for a cat that we think is part Main Coon--but he does love to lay on top of me. It's not really helpful with knitting, but it is pretty cute. 

I have even picked an April Project of the Month bag, which will be this dress
in one of these two fabrics:
The solid is poplin (with 3% spandex), and the print is some unknown cotton blend that I had in the stash.  The fabrics match so well that I'm a bit tempted to make the dress in something else and make some summer coordinates out of the two turquoise materials, but if I do I think the dress will still be the April project.  I've had it on my "must make" list for some time.  And it's not like I don't have an obscene number of fabric options on hand anyway..............