Monday, June 24, 2013

You Can Lead A Cat To Water.

..but making him drink is going to result in bloodshed.

The good news is, Theo has been in absolutely no pain all weekend.  The bad news is, in addition to being insanely groggy, he refused to eat or drink anything.  Now I can understand this, as I've had more than my fair share of pain medication, and it all makes me sick in one way or another, but when one is trying to make sure one's male cat HASN'T developed a urinary tract infection, one really needs that cat to take in liquid.  All forms of bribery failed--beef broth, canned kitty food, begging--so we resorted to the syringe method.  I thought I had gotten pretty good at giving Theo liquid medications during his leg saga, but I've gotten rusty or he's gotten smarter.  I am sure some of the water ended up in the cat, but not half as much as ended up on the OUTSIDE of the cat.  It seems to have worked--this morning the medication has finally worn off, he's regained his appetite, and though we haven't seen him drink anything yet, he's obviously done something among the peppers, and he's not straining to urinate, so we'll still have to keep an eye on him, but it might have given things a little time to heal.  If we have to go to the vet again, Theo may never be on good terms with me again..............