Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just In Time

I'll admit, I was wavering a bit on the continued cold sheeping.  It's fun to buy yarn.  I like buying yarn.  I had even started to ask myself, "What would be the harm?"

So, it was a perfect weekend to have to lug around a large percentage of the yarn stash.  This:
is now next to my bed, which is sort of like having a big burly bouncer-type man at the door to a yarn shop, since most of my yarn is bought online.  It looms over me out of the corner of my eye--just a little bit scary--and so far has kept me from even LOOKING at yarn online.

is Andy's side of the bedroom.  Perhaps less frightening, but I think it makes a pretty good case for not buying any more fabric for a while as well.  Especially since the bulk of the fabric stash is elsewhere.....

 I was excited to see the walls for the first time in about 5 years:
though the thought wasn't exciting enough to keep me from doing extra exercises at the gym simply because I didn't want to hurry home to packing up the sewing room.  That, I think, is a first......

Thanks to Andy, two of the walls are now a lovely shade of green,
including this wall,
which is where the new shelving will be.  I'm torn between being excited that I will have a lot more storage (and storage that doesn't teeter dangerously, which is very important to those of us who have recently had yarn dropped on our heads), but there is a bit of fear involved that perhaps all the stash won't fit, and if it does by some miracle fit with room to spare, that I will eventually add enough to the stash to fill it all.

Fortunately, being overwhelmed by my stash has kicked my crafting into high gear, and I was up late on Sunday night working on the sleeves,
which are now to the raglan shaping--or where I'm putting it, as the pattern called for 20.5 inches to the underarm shaping, which is really quite insane as I haven't yet met a woman with arms that long--and which have EACH now used up a 175-yard ball of yarn, which makes me feel like I've made a rather serious dent in the yarn stash.  I'm now onto the fronts, which is where the actual cabling and design will be, but I expect it to go pretty quickly as the rest of the sweater is just sitting there waiting to be joined to it.  Whoo, boy!  When I get this sweater finish, there will be SUCH a big dent in that yarn stash!  Whew!  Those shelves will look positively BARE, I tell you!

(Delusional?  Yes, I know.  But motivating--and might even keep my mind off the impending moving of all this stuff BACK into the sewing room................)