Monday, November 16, 2015

Finished Projects!

The obligatory I've-been-on-a-plane cold is still hanging on, which is annoying, but sort of good for my project count.  We now have:
a finished one-row scarf,
4 more kimono ornaments waiting for their hand sewing,
a finished but not blocked begonia swirl shawl, and even
a finished WIP!  This is the Lace Capelet that I started in June of 2013.  It needs to be blocked and I'm still unpicking the waste yarn for a provisional cast on, but it's finished!  And just over the 2 year mark!  And it is yet another lesson in trusting my own judgement.  According to the pattern, you would knit the body and edging separate, SEW the edges of the border together instead of grafting, and then pick up stitches on both the body and border, which you then knit together in a 3-needle bind-off, creating the MAXIMUM possible ends to weave in at the end.  Of course I grafted the edges together because seams just don't ever look good, and I didn't bother to pick up the stitches on the border--I just knit into a stitch as I went and cast off.  There is NO reason for the border to have not been knit on, unless one likes obvious joins on their knitting.  But it's done.

I'd like to say that I went straight on to finish another WIP,
but I didn't.  This is yarn I bought in July just before stepping on the sheep, and I was going to add it to my Reward Yarn Bin, but it's the one yarn I really remember that I bought and why, and I needed a little easy knitting.  Ever since making Sitcom Chic back in 2008, I've wanted another one in light yellow for spring, and I think wanting a project for 7 years means one is actually serious, so in spite of all the sweater quantities I already have, I allowed one sweater-quantity purchase before climbing back on the sheep.  And I'm going to adore this sweater when it's done.  AND I'm thinking it would be a good one for Me Made Mondays next year....

Even all this progress leaves me with 21 projects to go, so
having finally located more of the glittery leaf fabric, I'm making 4 more embroidered fall table runners.  I'm using a darker background fabric this time--mostly because I could find it--but I think it will look nice, and I'm going to try a different leaf pattern on at least one of them. 

I also thought that, after the practice with the lollipops, it was time to try a fabric-covered rope bowl with the leftover fabric I had saved from the first three spicy spiral runners,
and here's a little tip:  thin strips of fabric strips might only be held together by one or two stitches, which will come apart REALLY easily when trying to wind them around rope.  Might have been good to know BEFORE starting, but because of the way this works, I'm going to just stitch straight down the strips to secure them before trying to wind them--and make them into longer strips in the process. 
The additional stitching won't really be visible, and will cut down on the swearing immensely........ Or, until I learn that this theory won't work either................