Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just In Case I'm Crazy Enough........

The new bag has received kitty approval,
and I'm actually possibly considering making another one--though with some edits.  The bag sags toward the bow way too much, and at least needs the striped band on the other side as well, if not a second bow.  I'm not saying I'm quite this crazy yet, but if I get there,
should I stick with the white lining (which could use a pocket), or should I branch out and match the pinstripe with red:
I'll admit, I'm not usually very daring with color, but I think I could make a second bag (without as many errors, even) for a Christmas gift.  What do you think?

I have been just a bit under the weather again, so there has been mostly knitting today.  There's a new ornament,
 bringing me to 142, and progress has been made on the new sock,
which will be either a birthday or Christmas gift for Andy (as he already knows about them, I don't have to be sneaky).  The pattern is hard to see, but it's a nice, stretchy basket-weave ribbing.  I like socks that make SOME attempt to stay up, though so far almost all mine become "slouch" socks by the end of the day.  I have high hopes for these, though.  But then again, one is always optimistic when starting socks.  What else would possess someone to start anything with size 1 needles and fingering yarn?