Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Now Have Napkins

Though I can't think of any of the 12s they fit into, so they're just an "extra."  Bummer.  However, there is hope on the horizon for another 12:
The sleeves for the new sweater are in progress and ALL stockinette!  I don't know why--perhaps just because they're usually what I do last--but sleeves are always my least favorite part of a sweater.  So I'm doing those now and saving the front, and since they'll go pretty quickly, I think I'll stay motivated to finish this by the end of the month.  Whoo hoo!

Did I mention that I was not buying any fabric this year?  Well,
 .....ahem....there might have been a moment of weakness brought on my a bit of self-pity.  I hope my hip improves soon--if for no other reason than for the sake of the space in the sewing room.  I'm thinking either knitting bag (like I need more of them) or a jacket.  At least I'm hoping it will re-motivate me in the sewing department.....or maybe being able to sit will help with that.

I am holding strong on my latest resolution:  buying no new crafting books or magazines this year.  Between the space issue and how far behind on my project queue, this really shouldn't be that difficult, but I'll admit to feeling a tiny twinge of weakening over this:
I have borrowed it from the library, and normally I have no interest in books that have one pattern with a bunch of variations (probably from my experience with Debbie Bliss's books which repeat sweaters from book to book with only color pattern changes), but the ornaments are cool and as always, as soon as I say I'm not going to buy something, everything becomes tempting.  I have promised myself that I can photocopy 2 charts to knit before returning it to the library, and if I actually knit the darn things before the end of the year, I might give myself permission to buy the book next  year.  Honestly, how do you live with a child when it's yourself?