Thursday, March 7, 2019

Vacation - Day 6

Thank heavens it's two weeks, not just one, as I still have a very long to-do list.  Like about a 6-year one, in point of fact, which I might not really get through, but so far I've

1. finished all three spiral runners:
and love all of them.  The floral one is definitely for us, and the green one initially was going to be, but I'm going to try it out on the dining room table before deciding.  We do have just a few table runners already........... I would try it out now, except

2. I have been blocking long-finished scarves on the dining room table:
 there aren't many places that are kitten-proof in the house, but the table is one, and I finally ordered blocking mats to be able to block finished lace somewhere without kitty "assistance."  I found 3 scarves to block so far, but I think there are a couple shawls somewhere as well.  As you might have guessed, the organization of the sewing room is going slowly...

3.  I have been washing and prepping fabrics.  I'm a HUGE pre-wash person, which is apparently a pretty divisive topic in quilting circles, but unless there's a really good reason not to, I assume everything I make will need to be washed at some point, so best to be ready.  I don't think I'll get to this one soon,
but one of the freebies that came with my new sewing machine is a quilt kit complete with fabrics, embroidery designs, and pattern--and, mercifully, online tutorials.  I'm moving on to clothing today, but the fabrics are washed and ready for when I decide to tackle this one. 

4.  Drum roll please.............

With the aid of Venus, a manual, and two online tutorials, I figured out how to embroider with the new machine!
Only three months after I bought it!  To be fair, the embroidery module only arrived about a month ago as they were on back-order, so I had been doing some simple embroidery with my old machine,
 until something happened with this one and the needle is striking something in the machine--which is in addition to all its other problems.  I think I'll still try to get it fixed, but I'm just going to box it up for a while.  The repair guy is two hours away, so it will be a while.

The kitties are loving my vacation as well:
I haven't had the heart to tell them it's only temporary.  As I'm still in my pajamas relaxing with my coffee, I try not to tell myself that, either......................