Saturday, February 22, 2014

Things I Am Trying To Remember Today

*  Even a zipper I am not happy with is still going to function

and if someone is close enough to my backside to see the errors in the zipper, I probably have bigger issues than whether my seams are straight.

*  Just because the pattern designer puts in a zipper differently than I would, it doesn't make them "deranged" or "sadistic" and whether his or her parents were actually married is none of my business.

* Some people consider hobbies as things that are "fun" and "relaxing."  For their own protection, I will avoid these foolish people when I have just inserted a zipper or frogged mohair.

*  Even if it has never happened before, just because under-stitching is  actually easy to do on a project, it might not mean that I'm doing it wrong:
*  Getting the idea to frame my favorite thread experience really WAS a good idea:
* Measuring the piece of fabric BEFORE buying a frame would have been an even BETTER idea.........

*  Impatience does NOT make a knitting project go faster...
 ...but could possibly make the ball of yarn bigger than the first one--I must consult an astrophysicist on this one............

*  Having a place to keep "in progress" sewing project patterns is a fabulous idea
*  It would be even more fabulous if I used it and hadn't just spent 3 days looking for this
so I could finally mark the buttonholes on the floral jacket

*  Wanting to NOT count embroidered ornaments for more than a few of my 100 Finished Projects is an easier decision when one is not falling behind............
 *  When one is trying to use up 100 yards of fabric for the year, two projects that will each use about 5 yards of fabric that I have already washed and ironed
makes a LOT more sense than a couple quilted spring table runners on which one wants to try some time-intensive quilting techniques,
 and which one might be able to bribe oneself with...say 3 finished sewing WIPs before starting?

*  If one can't control one's inner child, at least have some good ideas for bribing her................