Friday, February 25, 2011

There Are "Good" Finishing Fridays..

..and there are BAD Finishing Fridays.  Let's see if we can guess which one this one was.

I jumped out of bed bright and early because I had an entire day of sewing ahead of me.  It turns out that one can actually jump into sewing just a bit too early on a Friday.  This
is what can happen when one changes a needle before having coffee. Seriously--the needle (still threaded) just fell out.  Oops. 

Today is February 25 and the February Project of the Month,
had progressed no farther than washing of the material.  With 3 days to go, it was time to get cracking!

At first I thought I might make the pants as well, but when laid out
the material that had started out at 61 inches wide, according to the tag I had attached to it, had shrunk to 51 inches wide after washing.  Apparently when they say "line dry," "no heat fluff" in the dryer still doesn't cut it.  Or, I was having a seriously measurement-challenged day when I wrote up the tag.  Either way, oops number 2.

Being a craft jacket, the pattern had double pockets on each side, and I thought it would be a good time to test out Jeeves's embroidery again.  I had just been telling myself that I needed to get Jeeves to misbehave when using a Husqvarna embroidery design (because the repair guy at my dealership is a rather pompous man who believes that anything short of a machine blowing up must be user-error on the part of the silly women who use the machines that he is paid to "repair" and are the only reason he actually HAS a job), when
Yup!  It shifted the design again.  This time there is no WAY for the repair guy to try to make this out to be user error.  This is a design that came with the machine, I have a surge protector on the machine, it was not bumped, AND THIS IS HOW THE WHOLE PROBLEM STARTED THAT STARTED THE WHOLE REPAIR SAGA IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Yep--have I mentioned lately that anyone considering ever buying a Husqvarna sewing machine should have their head examined?

The electronics on my machine are still under warranty for just two more months, so
Jeeves returns to Holland's Sew Shoppe tomorrow.  With luck, I might see him again in late May or early June--depending on how hard it is to get parts for what the repair guy breaks this time.

So I diligently cut out another pocket to replace the one Jeeves had just destroyed, and thought it might be fun to try this:
A Husqvarna circular attachment.   The idea is that you attach the bar to the back of the presser foot bar, then there's a thumbtack that you drive up through a piece of material and into the hole in the bottom of the bar, and that holds the material securely while one sews a perfect circle around the pinned center of the circle.  Except this doesn't work either.  The silly thing just uses a thumb tack, but it doesn't stay in the hole in the bar, so the only way this $22 "accessory" can work is if somehow you find a way to hold the material flat enough on the base of the machine to keep the damn tack from falling out, which means you can't use the embroidery hoop as pictured on back because then you can't hold it down firmly enough, and when you're holding it that firmly you can't get a freakin' perfect circle ANYWAY because you're pressing so damn hard.  You gotta love Husqvarna--not too many other companies could mess up something involving a thumb tack--nor have the chutzpah to charge $22 for it.

This is when I made mistake number 3.  We all know that the danger to knitting angry is REALLY messed up gauge, right?  Well tonight I learned the danger to sewing angry:  Driving the pin into the wrist pin cushion a tad bit too hard and a tad bit too far to the side and not only driving the pin into the wrist pin cushion, but into the wrist as well.   Yup, this is one FUN hobby!

At least I got one pocket embroidered,
and have been playing around with a freehand butterfly on the new pocket,
which I am happy to say I remembered to outline in chalk before the Mark-Be-Gone ink indeed "be gone."  That might be the proudest moment of my entire day....