Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Saga Continues

Tuesday:  Received a call from my Husqvarna dealer:  "Did he call you to tell you your machine is ready to be picked up?"

Me:  "No, is it fixed?"

Dealer:  "Well, I think so.  It's ready to be picked up."

(Hard not to just glow with confidence when dealing with these folks)

So, last night my husband and I stopped by to pick up my machine.  $60, because they charged me for a "tune up."  Presumably somewhat different than the "tune up" they charged me $89 for in July, which caused more problems than it solved.  AND, of course, told me I was probably causing the problem  by not using enough stabilizer.  And the fact that there had been no problems with the amount of stabilizer I had used for 4 years just doesn't matter to these bozos.  However, I have a list of the tickets, the repair issues, their responses, and the first circuit board (the one I think is actually going out) still has until July under warranty, so when I am less angry I will go on an embroidery frenzy to see if either by some miracle they actually did find the problem (I know, but one can only hope) or to force the card to fail while they have to pay for it.

And, as if I wasn't already to the point where I would have cheerfully smacked the dealer over the head with the closest hard object, the repair guy told me my machine (still under warranty) would make a perfect trade-in on the new Husqvarna Ruby.  Sure, right after I ask Andy's ex wife to move in with us.

It's an amazing thing to meet people who are truly and utterly delusional.