Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting Over At Zero

364 days left and 111 projects to go.  Oh my.

The new year has started, and I'm back on the sheep.  No new yarn or new fabric in 2011.  I've already done my gift list planning, so I can't imagine any scenario that would qualify as a legitimate exception, so this should be a good decreasing the stash year.  Speaking of which, yesterday I added the identifiable skeins of Red Heart to my Ravelry stash hoping to get the truest picture of the size of my stash that I could, and as it stands currently, I have:

148,704.1 yards of yarn
760.43 skeins of yarn


It may SOUND scary, but since I've started using Ravelry, I have reduced my stash by

30,939.4 yards
174.27 skeins

or about 18%, so there is progress being made.  This was certainly my best year on fabric stash used, but only my second-best on the yarn stash.  My best year was knitting up just over 19,000 yards, which I'm hoping to get close to in 2011.  If I could manage that pace, I would have about an 8 year yarn stash, though I think it's more realistic to see it as 10.  A couple people have suggested I double or triple strands of yarn to use them up faster, but that has always struck me as a big waste of yarn.  I only have yarn I WANT, and if I have lace weight, it stands to reason that I want to make lace with it.  So, 10 years it is.  

Unless, of course, I can start knitting MORE than 19,000 yards a year........Hey, it's January 1--everything is possible today.