Saturday, July 23, 2016

Me Made Friday

Yesterday was hot, so it was a perfect day for a cotton sundress:
which I swear I took a picture of yesterday but it seems it was with an imaginary camera.  Anyway, I finished this blue dress in 2013 and wore it yesterday while out running errands.  It's a bit casual for work, but it is fabulous for 100+ temperatures.  So, I've made it another week with Me Made Days.  Do you think it's possible to make a shirt in a single day?

I could have tried cutting out a cotton shirt or something yesterday, but instead the sewing room needed some tidying--especially after I rampaged through it looking for another ball of yarn to finish the THREE remaining rows on the current Begonia Swirl shawl.  I found the yarn, but then when I swear I was putting away the leftover rope from making the last bowl, I found myself working on this:
To say it's going faster with just the rope would be an understatement.  This is cotton rope, and I've wanted to try an ombre dying technique on a rope bowl since I first saw a picture of it on Pinterest (which of course I can't find now to link to).   Theo was on hand to help,
or take advantage of the ceiling fan--one or the other.