Saturday, October 8, 2016

NOT Working on a Saturday

I LOVE not working on Saturdays--have I mentioned that yet?  And I have an interview on Monday, so on the list of Things I Want to Get Done Before Returning To Work, I spent the first half of it cleaning out my closet.  It's not exactly "clean," but my summer clothes are put away, my winter clothes are out, and there's a pretty big pile for the donation bin.  And,

I gathered up several bunch of plastic hangers that hadn't yet gotten hot glue dots, and I am happy to report that I have used that blasted glue gun AGAIN without burning myself.  Positively cocky,
I tried my luck with wine cork Christmas trees.  Okay--I did burn myself at this point, but I got two of the things glued up.  That's something.  

Also on that list is this:
which is a great fabric that I thought would make fun birthday decorations, starting with
figuring out a way to make a fabric pennant banner.  I used a stiff craft interfacing between the layers
then stitched them together with double-folded black bias tape.   What do you think?