Monday, March 17, 2008

March Progress

In spite of yesterday's rude awakening, I have resisted the urge to lock myself in a closet and knit lace for 3 days--partially because of a job that strongly discourages that sort of insanity, and partly because my closet plans didn't involve any wine. Besides, unless I learn more creative storage techniques, the "Year of the Stash" is about clearing volume out of my stash. It may be an irrational amount to own, but 46,000 yards of lace weight yarn doesn't actually take up much room.

So, on with the plan!

As I write, I am wearing the March sewing project--pajamas made out of flannel-backed satin and the "Cheap Thrills" sweater back is done, and half of the front. 14 days left for half a front & sleeves--thank heavens for those big needles!!!