Sunday, July 13, 2008

Top Secret is On Its Way!

It's finished,
blocked,furred,the ends are woven in,and it's wrapped and ready to go. Theo is in mourning.This is the second sweater I've made from Elann's Shawl Back Shrug pattern, which can be found for free here. It's definitely one of my favorite patterns, and I used 6 skeins of Elann Peruvian Quechua DK-weight alpaca.

I'm distinctly proud of myself this month. I have finished two projects, and have not yet cast on a new one. I am choosing to view this as personal growth rather than a reflection of having run out of room in knitting bags for any more projects. I cling to what I can.

Instead, I have chosen to continue working on the plum scarf (and Daniele is right--I do seem to be having a purple lace obsession lately),

which is this far from being done:
It will be a decent-sized scarf, I think, but it will definitely be done when this yarn is gone because I don't have any more and don't remember what it actually was. I have narrowed it down to being one of Knitpicks' lace yarns, and am guessing Alpaca Cloud but I could be wrong. (This is what I get for starting projects then abandoning them for several months/years) Luckily for me, it being a bit of a tedious pattern has finally been overshadowed by the impending 440 yards of yarn to be added to the yarn tally when this scarf is done. I am closing in rapidly on 10,000 yards for the year which will be a VERY exciting moment. I'm not sure what I'll do to celebrate--the first (and only) thing that springs to mind would be to celebrate by buying yarn, which is not possible but does explain a lot. Why can't I just want chocolate like other women???