Friday, June 29, 2012

A Real "Finishing Friday"

Or maybe just sort-of real as I didn't actually finish anything.  But I did get to craft without having to do ANYTHING else, so that still kind of counts.  The baby sweater now has a back and two fronts:

and I am still being monogamous!!!!!  In all honesty, since I've been doing political consulting, I'm just thankful to have time to do ANY knitting.  But I have finished with what I was doing for the campaign, so I'm getting my first truly free weekend in months and am looking forward to life getting back to normal around here.  Or normal for ME, at any rate. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to arrange the sewing room, so I still haven't done much sewing, but today I was determined to find a project.  I sorted through project bags, looked through patterns, and finally selected one.  And this:

is as far as I got.  I know this sounds odd coming from the woman who has foolishly plunged into every insane crafting challenge she can dream up, but I am a bit intimidated about sewing with knits.  I have serger and everything, but I just haven't gotten up the nerve to try it yet.  I'm not sure what it is--maybe the rolling while laying out the fabric.  It's hard enough to lay out patterns around here with my little kitty helpers--let alone when interactive fabric is involved!  But I'm hoping to find, get, or channel some gumption tomorrow and take the plunge!  If I sew it up, I won't need to find a place to store it.............................