Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Proud Moment

As I prepare for my sixth year of Cold Sheeping, I am just tickled to death at how widespread the term "cold sheeping" is in the knitting world now.  I didn't start the Cold Sheeping thread in the Ravelry Stashdown group until I was starting my second year of cold sheeping, so the thread will be in it's 5th year, and the Stashdown group is one of the 10 most active threads on Ravelry with more than 4300 members, and the Cold Sheeping thread is always either THE most active or second most active thread each year.  It's become so popular, in fact, that one of our members spun off and started a Cold Sheeping group on Ravelry and now it's made it to Facebook.  I love the online knitting community, and to have contributed anything, even something so simple as a term, is just thrilling.  It's like I've been able to give something back to a world that has been so welcoming and menat so much to me.  I've made so many friends through knitting blogs and Ravelry and it's been just so overwhelmingly positive that it just made my day when Maria mention she'd run across the term on Facebook.  In my own little way, I've contributed something to the knitting world at large.

Which almost makes up for the fact that I still have a whopping-big yarn stash after all this Cold Sheeping...........