Sunday, July 26, 2020


There has been crafting!  Like every red state that reopened quickly to save the economy, coronavirus is surging here, so we're both fortunate that our companies are both still having employees work from home (though I have to be out and about some for work) and we go out as little as possible. Our county FINALLY has a mask mandate, which is helping, but gyms and indoor dining are still allowed, so we're not exactly protecting our citizens as well as we could.  

I made a new shirt,
which is NOT made of plastic or vinyl, no matter how it looks.

Venus has been helping me on my Irish Moss sweater,
which is down to just seams and the collar, but I think I'm going to run out of yarn and this particular colorway is out of stock right now, so I've put it aside again.  As the dye lots will probably vary, the best place for the new yarn is the back of the collar, so I'll probably have to rip out what I've done so far, start over with the new yarn, then switch to the remainder of the yarn I'm using.  So there is a yarn purchase in my future.  

Stress sometimes gives me a lot of nervous energy, so one weekend I used it to clean the sewing room (a bit) and sort through the stash.  This:
is 27 skeins of yarn LEAVING the house.  There were two large cones of yarn that left as well, which emptied an entire tub of yarn.  YAY!  Charlie was thrilled:
With the cleaning, I found where I'd stashed the top for this, 

 so it is now finished, and........
I finished the applique quilt I started 2 or 3 years ago!!!!!  It broke 3 needles and sent my new machine in for it's first repair, but it is DONE!  (And my machine is back home and functional again)  I need to add a sleeve to the back so it can be hung on a wall, but at least that is the easy part. When blogger isn't having issues, I'll post a full picture.