Monday, June 13, 2011

This Is Why Yarn Is My Friend

*  Yarn does not have a monitor that will suddenly decide that 30 seconds should be enough time for anyone to wish to see whatever it is they're trying to type.

*  Buying yarn doesn't involve any cable specifications, except the kind with the cool needle

*  New yarn rarely costs $200 to replace, and if it does, it's cashmere and I pretty much want to roll around naked in it anyway, which I wouldn't be sharing that on the blog

*  If I want my yarn to be sideways, I turn it.  If I don't, I can turn it back.  I do not have to wrestle with computer programs that may or may not be compatible with whatever Blogger is doing today in order to see my knitting right side up.

*  Unless one bought really silly yarn like Fun Fur, yarn is never outdated and "not forward compatible"

*  When new yarn arrives, there are never instructions written by a 5-year-old Chinese translator that can only be deciphered after 3 glasses of wine and 4 wrong attempts in order to use the yarn

*  I don't have to haul old yarn to the dump in order to get rid of it

*  Buying new yarn is generally not sold by 20-year-old men who speak a foreign language involving MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio and HDMI

*  My loving spouse is not--in the gentlest way possible--about to suggest that I get bigger yarn because now that I'm over 40, my eyesight may not be what it was....

*  A new monitor on its way to my house just doesn't have the thrill that new yarn on its way to my house does.....