Saturday, May 31, 2008

5 Months - 50 Balls

The good news is, my stash progress makes math really easy. The bad news is, I had hoped for more progress by now. Of course, considering I have even slightly less yarn than I started out the year with is huge progress for me--not to mention a real first.

Today I finished THE PROJECT OF MISTAKES. Seriously, if there is a mistake that can be made on a quilt, it's on here.
The blocks are done backwards, so the cool intertwining circle motif doesn't exist, I decided I didn't want to have to bind the quilt, so I sewed the edges together much as one would sew a pillow together, which in turn made it impossible to lay out flat to quilt. I tried out some machine embroidery in the center of the circles, not noticing until too late that some of the embroidery designs were set as squares & some are on point like a diamond. I started this thing about 4 years ago & all the mistakes had banished it to the Project Time-Out Bin ever since. I have occasionally taken it out, made some progress, made more mistakes & threw it back into the bin in disgust. Today it is done--complete with edging problems. But it is done & in the washing machine. All it needs now are the colors to bleed into the yellow & it will be a complete & total disaster.

And Theo utterly loves it .
I guess even the ugliest project can have a fan.