Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Trying to be Contagious!!!

I am still holding strong and have not cast on anything new. It's possible....just possible...that I could finally get through all this before I cast on something new:
Not very likely, I'll grant you, but possible. Wouldn't that be fabulous! The odds are better than normal as my case of "finishitis" is still going strong. Let's hope it's both contagious and incurable!

To help spread this new condition, I have decided to sponsor a contest for number of WIPs finished in a row WITHOUT casting on anything new. Some consideration will be given for the size and complexity of the project, but they must already be in progress as of this moment. The winner (or winners--I reserve the right to award multiple prizes if it is called for) will receive a knitting bag with his or her name embroidered on it. I'd post a picture, but I haven't made it yet as I just thought of this yesterday. Keep me posted through the comments and let me know how many projects you have completed--I'll be posting a regular tally! I really REALLY hope you catch "finishitis!"

Theo is pretty much immune from all that might be considered "constructive." For a skinny cat, he's looking quite the pudge in this picture. Black might not be so slimming after all.....