Saturday, February 9, 2008

First, a little confession

First, I should probably come clean about the last post--the picture of the closet is not actually the whole stash. It's just the only part I'm willing to post pictures of--the rest is not even HALF so neat and orderly and has, in fact, overflowed (just a little) to the back room. The large pile of fleece that is teetering precariously on the table beside my computer....I'm not ready to talk about that yet.

The first part of the birthday poncho is finished & blocked, though I am willing to finally admit that it doesn't have a glimmer of a chance of being finished by Monday, though I reserve the right to be delusional enough to consider Friday.

Today I started on the February sewing project--

flannel-backed satin pajamas for me. Boise has finally gotten serious about winter and sleeping in regular flannel pajamas with flannel sheets has a bit of a velcro-effect.

Other progress updates:

30 rows left TOTAL on the MS3 mystery stole!!!!!!! Everyone else's might be swans--mine is feeling a bit more like an albatross at this point.

Dem fischer sin fru: I am still on clue 1 and some Bright Thing has already posted pictures of her finished clue 3. Like every group, knitters have their "smarty-pantses."

The Pi shawl: currently an estimated 66 inches in diameter--6 more to go and I can start the edging. Still, I think it can be finished this month--I just need to find a way to knit in my sleep....

Current stash depletion:

12.83 yards of fabric
18 skeins & 2324 yards of yarn

Anyone ever felt like casting on a bulky-weight yarn just to use up a lot of yarn quickly?????