Monday, August 31, 2009

Now It's Serious

Tabby Brown (sorry I don't have a blog link here, but blogger didn't give me one) has double-dog dared me to get down to 10 WIPS.

Anyone who has grown up on American playgrounds in the last 50 years knows the seriousness of this. A dare one can walk away from...maybe even a double-dare, but the double-dog-dare is as close as kids can get to a binding legal contract. It calls into question your bravery, your strength....even your very "kid-dom."

So being the mature adult that I am, this is a binding contract. Down to 10 WIPs it is! Wish I had known that before I caved last night and......cast on a new baby sweater. I was staying strong and resisting, but my fingering yarn is in a clear rubbermade container, and it was just staring at me needing to be used, and in a moment of weakness...I caved. So I have 18 WIPS instead of 17, but at least it's better than 28 or whatever I had last year. AND last year I managed 14 in a row, which would take me down to SINGLE DIGITS!!! That would truly be amazing.

There will have to be one small exception for whatever is in the Project of the Month bags, though as I don't remember what is in them so I'm not positive that any of them contain knitting, but just in case--that will be the only exception.