Monday, May 18, 2009

I Finished The Dress!

After a slight rearrangement on the sewing front, I have finished the dress, so number 2 out of 10 is done (the bags all getting to count as one). I am getting stronger every day, but I think it will still be a bit before I could actually lay out and cut out a new pattern--everything taking a surprising amount of energy--so I decided to play around with a simpler sewing project:OK, looking at that picture, if you guessed I was trying to make fabric bacon strips for some unfathomable reason I can't say that I could blame you, but these bizarre objects are napkin rings.

I am a big lover of interesting napkin rings, but so often the ones one can find in a store are both badly made and expensive, so I had been thinking about playing around with ideas for a while. I think they would be fun gifts--especially personalized ones with favorite quotes or names....

It was 94 today & we have opted to not turn the air conditioning on yet--in fact, I think the heat is still on as it FROZE just a few nights ago, so Theo found it a bit too warm in the sewing room, so
he decided to snooze out in the hallway. He's a dedicated sidekick, but he's no fool. He looked so comfortable, I was seriously tempted to join him!