Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 5

Ron:  We're here at the 2012 Ravellenic Games, and it looks like Ms. Sutton has just broken her medals streak.  With 6 medals so far, unless there is some furious knitting tonight, her medal-a-day streak has come to an end. 

Bob:  It's been an impressive run, but I think you're right, Ron.  There has been some knitting today, but nothing completed, and nothing nearing completion. 

Ron:  With some big WIP contenders such as the Kauni cardigan, her streak was unlikely to continue throughout the games, but it was probably highly motivating.  6 medals is certainly a new record for Ms. Sutton, which could impact the rather impressive dedication we've seen so far.  Will she try for one more?  Three more?  No more?  It's too early to tell, of course, but we have heard rumors of company coming to visit this weekend, which could have a serious impact on Ms. Sutton's performance.  Will it slow her down, or even knock her out of the games entirely?
Bob:  It's hard to say, Ron.  If they are fellow knitletes, it could be motivating.  If they are nonknitters, it might be difficult to explain dragging around a bag of wool in scorching temperatures.  Knitter sanity has been questioned for far less. 

Ron:  How right you are, Bob!  What knitter hasn't been asked the age-old question, "Why would you knit socks when you can buy them?"  Or an even more classic question, "Don't you think you already have enough yarn?"  One report said that more nonknitters believed in the existence of extra-terrestrial life that would specifically travel billions of miles just to make interesting patterns in crops in the American midwest than that knitting was a "normal" hobby.  Knitletes are largely misunderstood by the public in general, in spite of the best efforts of all yarn-awareness campaigns.

 Bob:  That's true, Ron.  The "Not all clothing can be washed in the machine" campaign has seemingly made no impact in the number of hour-intensive Aran sweaters shrunk into toy-poodle-size by hapless spouses, and the "This is NOT the same sweater you saw at Walmart for $20" campaign has shown NO observable decrease in the post-Christmas needle-stabbing admissions to hospital emergency rooms.  It appears the messages are falling on deaf ears. 

Ron:  It does indeed, Bob.  Let's hope the upcoming "Hand-knitted gifts are NOT cheaper" campaign set to launch in October meets with more success.  Perhaps we'll see a decrease in the after-Christmas knitter-on-nonknitter violence this year.

Bob:  I hope so, Ron.  I think on the scale of causes of gift-related injuries, unappreciated knitted gifts rate second only to appliances-as-gifts-from-husbands.  Obviously, knitting is not without peril for ANY concerned.

Ron:  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the latest knitting news and developments.