Wednesday, April 30, 2008


April was not a very good month for The Year of the Stash. The WIP Mountain remains,
though arguably smaller...sort of.

Two WIPs were finished:
Five WIPs were frogged,the Baby Surprise Sweater getting the ax today for having an error that was too much work to fix.

Two WIPs were thrown away,
(we'll skip the pictures--they were ugly projects that I no longer want to admit to)

One sewing project was finished, which I am counting as a net stash depletion of just over 2 yards--quilts being very difficult to measure,
7 skeins and 1024 yards of yarn were used up, and no fabric nor yarn purchased. Four months--that is certainly a record for me. (To be fair--any actual stash decrease is a record for me)

Theo is in mourning for the loss of the quilt, which is wrapped & ready to go to its recipient this weekend. I'd like to say that the two washings and a vacuuming removed every trace of cat hair from it, but I'm trying to keep this blog a work of nonfiction.